Digital Self-Portrait by Cole Mueting

Digital Self-Portrait by Renee Flanders

"Alzheimer's Awareness" Poster Design by Shay Thayer

"Princess Mononoke" Poster Design by Ross Kozak

"1984" Book Cover Design by Anastasia Maimescu

Sewing Kit Alphabet by Cassie Hall

"Stranger Things" Cinemagraph by Jack Kloft

NWR One Page Website by Hannah Lingafelter

“Masks” Experimental Website by Emily Friesen

"Watch" Technical Illustration by Alex Wilbur

"Alice in Wonderland" Google Doodle by An Pham

"Thayer Ya Go" Branding & Identity System by Shay Thayer

"Gift Suggest" Branding & Identity Design by Jack Kloft

"Freedom Range" Branding & Identity System by Emily Friesen

“Exposure, Inc.” Logo Design & Animation by Daniel Molinero

“I’m Done” Logo Design & Animation by Tim Tiemann

“Salvation and The Sinner” by Lindsay O’Brien

“Widow’s Lair” by An Pham

“Sleep” by Chris Murphey